One-Take Alice! She's a machine. Good ear, good tone, good pocket, good attitude, good everything."”

— Niko Lyras, Producer

The cover of “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out” features lovely violin courtesy of Alice Hasen. The violin provides an interesting vibe that’s equal parts Celtic and hot club jazz.”

American Blues Scene

Alice Hasen is a singer-songwriter's dream - classically trained yet versatile as can be, able to accompany with harmony, rhythm, energy, and lovely vocals to boot. She is always serving the song.”

— Fran Snyder, Founder of

Hasen's technique was beautiful, emotional, soft and lovely. It in every way added to the whole, not standing out, but coming together with the guitar to ring like a bell. Her bluesy bends made me go, "Ooouh!"”

— Duane Stork, sound engineer


Dream of Rain - EP (Coming Soon)

Composer of Billy Bangs original score (short film) with Walt Busby (Coming Soon)

Ghosts in the Water - single (Oct 2020) 

Queen - single (June 2020)

Wonderful Fall - single (May 2020)

Violintro (Sept 2019) 

Cheshire Moon (Aug 2017) with Blackwater Trio



Everyday Legends (Jan 2023) with Linda Marks

Thank You Miss Audrey (Coming Soon) with T Jarrod

Black Faye (Coming Soon) with Rachel Maxann

You're Not Here (Coming Soon) with Todd Hoke

For the Feral Heart (Dec 2022) with Mick Kolassa

With Love, Alexis Jade (Nov 2022) with Alexis Jade

Strange Child - single (Oct 2022) with Kathy Zhou

Ripples in the Wake (Oct 2022) with Kirby Heard

Born To Love You (Coming Soon) with Max Kaplan

Central Station (Sept 2022) with SweetNur

La Notti Triunfanti (Aug 2022) with Michela Musolino

Unchecked Baggage - single (April 2022) with Amy Barkley

Still Beating - single (Dec 2021) with Amy Barkley

Home (Nov 2021) with Linda Marks

Monuments of Love (July 2021) with Linda Marks

Wasted Youth (July 2021) with Mick Kolassa

Ode To The Greats: Tribute To Syl Johnson's "Diamond in The Rough" (July 2021) with The Blue Dreamers

The Hamilton Sessions (July 2021) 

Belonging To Forever (June 2021) with Rachel Maxann

Bowfishin' Queen - single (June 2021) with Cole Parker

Mograss (May 2021) with John Mohead

Rainbow - single (May 2021) with Reagan Quinn

Celestial Soda Pop - single (May 2021) with Niko Lyras

Starfire (April 2021) with Miz Stephanie

Suburbanova (March 2021) with Magnum Dopus

D-Up - single (Jan 2021) with FreeWorld

If You Can't Be Good, Be Good At It! (Oct 2020) with Mick Kolassa

Livin' the Dream (Sept 2020) with A Band of Jones

Stay Home! (July 2020) with Aktion Kat!

Wins and Losses (July 2020) with Slowfire

Marlo Wants You To Enjoy Yourself (Feb 2020) with Marlo Lanier

Blind Lemon Sessions (Jan 2020) with Mick Kolassa

Anemoia (Nov 2019) with The Soft Underground

Between the Pages (Oct 2019) with Bailey Bigger

"Squidbillies" Theme Song - single (August 2019) with Jason D. Williams

No Peace For Me (August 2019) with Stephen Michael

Thanks Y'all (August 2019) with Tony Manard

Angels or Demons - single (July 2019) with Tomiko Dixon

Ain't No Freedom - single (April 2019) with Tony Manard

Revelation (May 2019) with Tullie Brae

Sunday Morning Singing (March 2019) with Lisa Lambert & Scott Nunley

Blues Arising (Feb 2019) With Tomiko Dixon

I Do It For Me (Jan 2019) With Damian Knight

149 Delta Avenue (Sept 2018) With Mick Kolassa

Closer To Home (June 2018) With Bailey Bigger

Son of the South (April 2018) With John Mohead

Crooked Letter Crooked Letter Eye (May 2018) With Tricia Walker

Double Standards ( Feb 2018) With Mick Kolassa

Know Why (2017) With Tony Manard

Till I'm Gone (2017) With Luke Fisher



Billy Bangs original score (short film) with Walt Busby (Coming Soon)

Simple Song of Freedom - cover (Coming Soon) with Mario Monterosso - String quartet

Still Beating - single (Dec 2021) with Amy Barkley - String section

Darkness Trilogy - single (July 2021) with Mick Kolassa - Twin fiddle

The Hamilton Sessions (July 2021) - Violin and loop pedal

Revelation (May 2019) with Tullie Brae - String quartet

Crooked Letter Crooked Letter Eye (May 2018) With Tricia Walker - Triple fiddle


Stay tuned for Alice's fiddle on upcoming releases by Reagan Quinn, Crowes Pasture, The Yardbirds, Cole Parker, Adam Naylor and more!

Cheshire Moon (2017) Blackwater Trio (Walt Busby, Seth Stroud & Alice Hasen)

"D-Up" by FreeWorld (2021)

Working on "Crooked Letter Crooked Letter Eye" at the Delta Music Institute, Studio A