“World Class.” 

– John Mohead, Singer/Songwriter


“Alice Hasen’s technical skills are exceptional and her melodic approach is refreshing. She works hard to give a producer what is asked for and performs with a joy that is infectious. She is definitely on my ‘A’ list to call for violin/fiddle.”

– Tricia Walker, Singer/Songwriter; Director, DMI Entertainment Industry Studies, Delta State University

“Stronger than ten acres of garlic.”

– Audience member, Ground Zero Blues Club
“Hasen’s playing [gives] the songs soul and movement… that feeling you get when you put your hand out the window of a moving car, and let it fly!”

– KOTO Radio, Telluride, CO.

Born in woodsy Vermont, traveling through the muddy Mississippi Delta and the soulful city of Memphis, Alice Hasen is a professional violinist/fiddler specializing in rock, folk, roots, jazz and classical music.  Currently based in Memphis, she is a member of the Blackwater Trio, a progressive roots group that performs both covers and originals.  She also collaborates with several singer-songwriters, bands and recording artists in the area.  Her playing covers all styles, but her favorites are rock, folk, funk, and “Hot Club”-style gypsy jazz.

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