Rachel Maxann & her band (including fiddler Alice Hasen) take the Memphis Grizzlies Stage at 1:30 PM during the 2022 Cooper Young Festival. Free and open to the public.

Full Lineup for 2022 Cooper Young Festival:

Memphis Grizzlies Stage 12:30 pm Joy Dog – Danny & Joyce Green 1:30 pm Rachel Maxann 2:30 pm The Delta Project 3:30 pm Jay Jones 4:30 pm Generation Gap

Evolve Bank & Trust Stage 11:15 am SoundBox 12:15 pm Rodrick Duran 1:15 pm Elevation 2:15 pm The City Fathers 3:15 pm Chinese Connection Dub Embassy 4:15 pm Carlos Guitarlos 5:15 pm Headliner – Bailey Bigger